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Advanced Coil Technology

Since 1995 Advanced Coil has been building heavy-duty, air-over-fin, welded joint heat exchangers for the industrial and process industries. Our coils offer a wide variety of tube and fin configurations and materials to suit virtually any application, regardless of operating temperatures, pressures or corrosive conditions. Exceptional product and dedication to customer service are the cornerstones of ACT’s business philosophy. We understand that, above all, equipment performance and durability define the quality of the product and that knowledgeable and responsive people define the quality of our customer support. Our sole focus is to serve the needs of the industrial and process coil industries. Everything we do – from the materials we purchase, to the equipment we use to manufacture our products, to the training and commitment of our employees – is dedicated to this one objective.

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American Coil

We build custom HVAC coils for a variety of applications from air conditioners and commercial refrigeration to aerospace applications. Our coil options include water, steam, evaporator, booster, custom coils, and condenser coils. Our experts can tackle projects from 4 inches long to 30+ feet.

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Armstrong International

More than a century of sage knowledge and in-depth experience has made us uniquely skilled in designing and producing the rugged, reliable products that successfully reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency for customers all over the world. Our products and packaged solutions consistently deliver best-in-class quality as they work together to create the most intelligent system solutions. Armstrong products and packaged solutions are backed by our outstanding technical support, and our digital monitoring technology enables us to evaluate many products in real-time. Often the first to market, Armstrong International was the inventor of the inverted bucket trap, and our company holds more than 50 patents on exceptional products and software.

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DRS Marlo Coil

Since 1925, DRS has manufactured quality heat transfer, refrigeration, and air handling equipment for industrial, commercial, utility, and marine markets. Our custom engineered Marlo heat transfer solutions are used in a variety of configurations to cool, heat, and dehumidify air streams for process and building comfort.

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