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Affiliated Steam & Hot Water’s breadth of product offering and system expertise allows us to be your single source solution to meet all your industrial needs.  Optimizing your utility system and resources and providing reliable, durable and effective products allows us the opportunity to match the ideal solution to your unique challenges.



Steam, Condensate and Hydronics

We recognize that while the individual product or process being produced can vary widely throughout industries, two requirements remain the same:  the need for overall system efficiency and reliable quality products.  Our complete and extensive offering of steam, condensate and hydronic products is capable of meeting both requirements.


Steam Traps, Condensate Pumps and Pump Traps, Filters, Pressure Reducing Valves

Relief Valves

(Kunkle , LESER)



Heat Transfer

Different industries have differing heat transfer needs including Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers, Plate Coils, Finned Coils, Tank Heaters, Spargers etc.  We have a heat transfer solution for any application including those requiring special engineering or exotic material options.


Affiliated Steam Industrial Heat Transfer Coil Heat Exchanger



  (Armstrong , Coilmaster)

Tank Heaters

(Armstrong Hunt , EnfabJFDKAM ThermalThrush)

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

(EnfabJFDKAM ThermalThrush)

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

(Wessels Company)




Whether used in your process or for washdown and sanitation, Affiliated Steam & Hot Water can provide digitally controlled and fail-safe products to ensure the most accurate and safe hot water system available.


Affiliated Steam Armstrong FloDirect Readitemp Emech

Armstrong International Emech, Readitemp and Flo-Direct



Through wireless steam system monitoring, utility flow measurement solutions and steam quality metering we can provide you with real time and quantifiable metrics for optimizing your critical processes.


Wireless Steam Trap and Hot Water Temperature Monitoring

Armstrong International SteamEyeSage and Everactive


Intelligent Steam Quality Monitoring

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Quality Monitoring Meters QM1 QM3

Armstrong Quality Meters QM1 and QM3


Pressure and Temperature Gauges

Affiliated Steam Ashcroft Gauge Thermometer

Gauges and Thermometers

(Ashcroft , Winters)


Air Quality

(Fresh Aire UV)




Custom Fabrication


Custom Heat Transfer and Hot Water Packages




Steam System Assessments and Services

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With our complete product portfolio Affiliated Steam & Hot Water is prepared to provide you with a system solution to your utility or process challenges.


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