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Affiliated Steam Food and Beverage Industry


Affiliated Steam & Hot Water is prepared to assist those of you in the Food & Beverage industry in meeting all the challenges inherent to your unique requirements.  We can help you increase production and improve efficiency, meet safety and sanitation requirements, improve your energy conservation plan and provide accurate system monitoring.




In the Food & Beverage industry few things are as important as meeting production demands.  Our products can assist in ensuring optimum production performance and minimal downtime by providing efficient and reliable solutions for Hot Water Generation, Digital Hot Water Control and Heat Transfer options



Hot Water Generation

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Flo Direct Readitemp

Gas Fired with 99.7% heat transfer efficiency and digital temperature controlled steam and hot water units.

Armstrong Flo-Direct and Armstrong Readitemp


Digital Hot Water Control

Armstrong Emech Valve



Heat Transfer

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Coil Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger


Heat Exchangers and Coils




Our experienced technical team can provide thermal utility solutions to help you operate more efficiently and reach your sustainability goals.



Steam System Efficiency

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Stainless Steel Steam Traps

Armstrong International Stainless Steel and Sanitary Steam Traps



Steam and Liquid Filtering

Armstrong International and Donaldson Steam and Liquid Filters



Condensate Management

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Pump Trap Skidmore Condensate Pump

Electric and Non-Electric Condensate Pumps



Process Heat Recovery

Affiliated Steam Heat Exchanger Cain Economizer

Heat Exchangers and Economizers



Insulation for Thermal Efficiency and Noise Prevention

Affiliated Steam Shannon Insulation Jackets

Shannon Insulation Jackets




Contamination and other sanitation and safety concerns are a priority in the Food & Beverage industry and a priority for us as well.



Safe Washdown

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Hos Station

Armstrong Hose Stations



Water Hammer Elimination

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Stainless Steel Steam Traps Pump Traps Skidmore Condensate Pumps

Condensate Pumps and Stainless Steel Steam Traps



Safety Relief Valves


Sanitary and Process Relief Valves




Through wireless steam system monitoring, utility flow measurement solutions and steam quality metering we can provide you with real time and quantifiable metrics for optimizing your critical processes.


Wireless Steam Trap and Temperature Monitoring for Process

Affiliated Steam Armstrong AIM

Armstrong AIM


Intelligent Steam Quality Monitoring

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Quality Monitoring Meters QM1 QM3

Armstrong Quality Meters QM-1 and QM-3


Steam, Gas and Liquid Flow Measurement

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Accelabar Verabar

Accelabar and Verabar Veris Flow Meters


Pressure and Temperature Gauges

Affiliated Steam Ashcroft Gauge Thermometer

Thermometers and Gauges



Custom Fabrication


Customer Heat Transfer and Hot Water Packages


With a complete portfolio that includes pressure and temperature regulators and control valves, actuated valves, check valves, unit heaters, sparge heaters, mixing valves, rotary joints, strainers, switches and many others.  Affiliated Steam & Hot Water is prepared to provide you with a complete system solution to your utility or process challenges.


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