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For 65 years, Affiliated Steam & Hot Water has been pleased to assist those of you in the Healthcare industry in meeting all the challenges inherent to your unique requirements.  We recognize the obstacles you face in ensuring patient safety and comfort, meeting sanitary challenges and environmental regulation and maintaining system efficiencies for financial and energy conservation goals




In the healthcare environment, nothing is more important than your patients’ safety and comfort.  We can help you to improve and maintain air quality, temperatures and humidity levels as well as provide reliable hot water 24/7 at temperatures consistent to preventing scalding and providing compliance with industry standards and safety guidelines such as the CMS Mandate regarding Legionella risk reduction.


Digital Hot Water Generation and Control


Armstrong Digital-Flo Instantaneous Water Heater with Brain and Sage




Heat Transfer

Affiliated Steam Coil Thrush Heat Exchanger

Coils and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers



Custom Fabrication


Custom Heat Transfer and Hot Water Packages




Conditioned, Electric and Gas Fired Humidification

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Humidification





By providing and monitoring efficient thermal utilities solutions, our experienced technical team can help your system operate more effectively and help you reach your sustainability goals.  Maintaining steam quality, effective steam trapping and insulation, controlling pressure and temperature and managing condensate can provide a multitude of benefits from preventing wet packs to saving fuel cost dollars.


Steam System Efficiency

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Steam Trap Spence PRV

Pressure Reducing Valves and Steam Traps



Condensate Management

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Pump Trap Skidmore Condensate Pump

Condensate Pumps and Pump Traps


Heat Recovery

Affiliated Steam Heat Exchanger Cain Economizer

Heat Exchangers and Economizers


Insulation for Thermal Efficiency and Noise Prevention

Affiliated Steam Shannon Insulation Jackets

Shannon Insulation Jackets



Steam, Gas and Liquid Flow Measurement

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Accelabar Verabar

Accelabar and Verabar Flow Meters



Pressure and Temperature Gauges

Affiliated Steam Ashcroft Gauge Thermometer

Gauges and Thermometers



Wireless Steam Trap and Temperature Monitoring

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Steam Eye Sage

Armstrong SteamEye and Sage



Intelligent Steam Quality Monitoring

Affiliated Steam Armstrong Quality Monitoring Meters QM1 QM3

Armstrong Quality Meters QM1 and QM3



Steam System Assessments and Services

Affiliated Steam & Hot Water Services




The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ 2017 directive requires the development and adherence to procedures that inhibit microbial growth to reduce the risk of growth and spread of Legionella and other pathogens in building water systems.

Affiliated Steam & Hot Water can partner with you in your water risk management plan.  We can help you identify the risks within your water system and provide corrective action equipment with monitoring and documentation capabilities to provide compliance with the CMS requirements.


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Armstrong Hot Water System Solutions for Healthcare




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