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DRS Marlo Coil Products

All DRS Marlo commercial coils are engineered to meet our customer’s specific parameters. Rather than have you design your project around our equipment, we prefer to design our equipment around your project.

AHRI Certified Coils

For hot water, chilled water or steam applications DRS Marlo Coil has more experience with coils over a wider variety of applications than anyone in the industry. Our ARI coils are available for hot water, chilled water or steam applications. Whatever your requirements, custom engineered or fit replacement, DRS Marlo Coil will provide the exact coil for your application, with flexibility of custom engineered circuiting, fin spacing, header configurations, and materials. DRS Marlo Coil’s ARI coils are available in either standard delivery cycles or in a matter of days through our Priority Coil Program.

DRS Marlo Coil is proud to carry the ARI certification. ARI certification means coil performance is a certainty. To give our customers assurance of quality performance, coils are tested over a wide range of operational conditions, by an independent laboratory.


  • Flat Fin
    Smooth design offers lower air side pressure drop and greater cleaning ability.
  • Turbex Fin
    Corrugated design for greater heat transfer and less surface
  • Staggered Tubes
    Our multiple row coils feature staggered tubes to maximize heat transfer efficiency.



Steam Coils

Steam distributing, standard, process and condenser coils for low or high-pressure steam applications.

Steam coils can be configured with either a continuous straight-through steam path or distributing type with inner and outer steam tubes.

Standard steam coils have opposite end supply and condensate connections. The steam tubes are pitched toward the condensate header to promote condensate removal.

Distributing steam coils feature inner steam distributing tubes and same-end supply and condensate connections combined into a single common header to promote condensate removal. Either design is available for low or high-pressure steam applications and in several combinations of materials.


  • S Coils
    Steam coil utilizing 0.625” diameter tubes and a straight through steam path.
  • V Coils
    Steam coil utilizing 1.0” diameter tubes and a straight through steam path.
  • D Coils
    Steam coil utilizing 0.625” diameter outer tubes with 0.375” inner steam distributing tube.
  • H Coils
    Steam coil utilizing 1.0” diameter tubes with 0.625” inner steam distributing tube.
  • M Coils – Distributing Steam Coils for Even Steam Distribution
    Steam coil with straight thru design featuring inner steam tubes which are supplied from both ends of the coil and utilizing a single condensate header. A crossover header is provided to allow for same-end connections.


Process Coils

Steam, hot & cold water, glycol and other fluid coils that meet the rugged demands of industrial process applications.

Industrial processes often require heat transfer coils with features that exceed commercial HVAC coils. DRS Marlo Coil’s industrial coils are available in a wide range of special materials and thicknesses designed to meet the rugged demands of industrial applications. They are perfect for chilled or hot water, brine solutions, refrigerants or steam applications. Industrial process coils feature continuous plate type fins and staggered tube arrangements offering the best engineering balance between heat transfer, air flow resistance, strength and maintenance. Each industrial process coil tube is supported across its entire length by the fins, providing a rigid coil of unmatched strength and durability.



Dampered (Integral) face & bypass coil used to prevent freezing in low temperature applications.

Maximum Coil Freeze Protection

The Marlo Stratomizer® Dampered Face and Bypass Coil provides the most reliable method of preheating and tempering fresh outside air while maintaining full steam pressure or hot water flow to the coil at all times.

By the positioning of dampers, proportioned quantities of air are either directed through the heating surface or bypass the heating surface to achieve the required discharge air temperature. The Stratomizer® dampers are automatically repositioned to maintain a set leaving air temperature when a change in outside temperature occurs. Downstream actuator mounting is available for the Marlo Stratomizer® to provide reduced width/height if needed.



Shell and Tube Heat Exchangersaffiliated steam hot water drs marlo shell and tube heat exchanger

These heat exchangers typically have round housings for higher pressures on the air, refrigerant or gas side.  Water is passed through tube bundles that are placed so that optimum heat transfer occurs from the liquid to the gas.  Applications include industrial process and are frequently found in systems that have access to steam such as Power Plants, Hospitals, Universities, and many industrial applications.





Specialty Products

Split Core, Removable, Air Tight, and Cleanable Coils.

DRS Marlo Coil has the engineering resources needed to design custom solutions for unique applications.  We will work with our customers to find the highest quality and most economical solution.


Refrigerant Coils

Direct Expansion, Evaporator or DX coils and Condenser Coils.

Our refrigeration coils include evaporator and condenser coils. With heat transfer surface areas similar to our fluid coils, direct expansion evaporator coils also feature distributors, capillary tubs, suction headers, and optimal thermal expansion valves. Condenser coils feature various circuiting options, including sub-cooling circuits. Care is taken to ensure the interior of our refrigeration coils remains contaminant free during production and testing, including a nitrogen charge prior to shipment.



Fluid Coils

Water, Glycol, Brine and special fluids used in commercial and industrial heating and cooling applications.









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